Our Story

After a long search and a lot of tests we found a mask, fitting our way of thinking, natural and biodegradable. As we are real bio-coffee drinkers, we worked together with a coffee manufacturer and decided to make, wear and share it. We decided that if the face masks are a new way of living, we might as well make it a part of our dress code without harming our environment.

And here we are with the 5-color bio coffee masks. Improving every day to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible. It’s not what we wear but how we feel wearing it. With WanaBeSafe we ​​are convinced that many of us will feel more comfortable and safer, since our bio mask has a biodegradable coffee filter and silver nano technology forming a protective barrier against almost any nano bug out there.

By Gerrit M. and Marco C.



I wanted a new chalenge in my life and here I am in the Wanasleep Group with Wanasleep… and Wanabesafe.

Wana Wo/Men

The power of “The WanaBe… Team”

Our logo stands for quality, creativity, sustainablity and nature loving but above all for the team spirit and eqaulity among all of us. Where we put our logo you will see and feel the spirit of The WanaBE Team.



The last 20 years I have been active in sales, distribution and marketing of healthy and organic products and the WanaBe team is a new and great challenge.

Planted Trees
Co2 Cleaned / Year
Work Days Provided

Principles Of Our Bio Coffee Face Masks

100% Natural

Made of 100% coffee yarn


The mask, made of a natural product, is biodegradable


Our bio kn95 coffee filter is a certified 99,98% pfe protective filter, tested by SGS, certified with CTET and Quatest3