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Our Story

After a long search and a lot of tests we found a mask, fitting our way of thinking, natural and biodegradable. As we are real bio-coffee drinkers, we worked together with a coffee manufacturer and decided to make, wear and share it. We decided that if the face masks are a new way of living, we might as well make it a part of our dress code without harming our environment.

And here we are with the 5-color bio coffee masks. Improving every day to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible. It’s not what we wear but how we feel wearing it. With WanaBeSafe we ​​are convinced that many of us will feel more comfortable and safer, since our bio mask has a biodegradable coffee filter and silver nano technology forming a protective barrier against almost any nano bug out there.

Planted Trees
Co2 Cleaned / Year
Work Days Provided

Principles Of Our Bio Coffee Face Masks

100% Natural

Made of 100% coffee yarn


The mask, made of a natural product, is biodegradable


Our bio kn95 coffee filter is a certified 99,98% pfe protective filter, tested by SGS, certified with CTET and Quatest3